Oregon Sports Betting Guide

Oregon is one of the four states that were exempted from the PASPA back in 1992. However, sports betting didn’t turn out exactly the way they had planned, and in 2005 a laws was passed that stopped the state’s lottery services from offering sports betting options. This is also one of the few states that actually address online gambling. So where does this leave sports fans in the Beaver State?

This guide will explain the legal status of gambling on sports in the state of Oregon both online and offline, as well as provide information concerning the best options for accessing legitimate Oregon sports betting services. We have also included a guide to betting on Oregon football teams as well as a guide specifically covering betting on the Oregon Ducks football team. In addition, we have included a guide to Oregon basketball betting options, which will expand to include pages for betting on NBA and college basketball teams based in Oregon.

Recommended Oregon Online Sports Betting Site

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Top Rated Sports Betting Sites Accepting Oregon Players

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More About Betting Sports Online For Oregon Residents

Is Sports Betting Legal in Oregon?

From a federal standpoint, Oregon is one of only four states where state based sports betting is permitted. However, in 2005 the state determined that allowing sports gambling for their residents was not in their best interest, and they stopped all state based sportsbook wagering. At this time, there are not any sportsbooks or bookmaking services that are licensed by the state. This rules out US based sports gambling in Oregon. The state has also made it illegal to operate an online gambling site of any kind within the state. While this law is primarily directed at the owners and operators of such sites, we cannot 100% guarantee that they would absolutely not apply the law to players as well. Though the state has not investigated or prosecuted online sports bettors thus far, it is not outside the realm of possibility. If you would like a professional opinion on this matter, we recommend that you contact a lawyer. In addition to the state law, the Federal Wire Act also prohibits state based online sports gambling sites from operating within the state. We can tell you that this federal law does not apply to any legally licensed, offshore sportsbooks, and does not prohibit US residents from participating at these destinations.

In most cases, players who limit their sports betting to only legally licensed, certified and regulated gambling destinations that are located outside the US do not find themselves in trouble with the law. In fact, we would say so far that this has been true 100% of the time. Oregon's laws prohibiting Internet gambling are the caveat in this scenario, and we simply cannot guarantee that the state will never decide to criminalize residents for participating in licensed and regulated offshore sports betting, no matter how unlikely that possibility is. So far it has not been a problem as the state laws target unlicensed operations, not the legally sanctioned ones we recommend in this guide. But we want players to understand the remote possibility is there that the state could frown on licensed Internet sports betting and do something about it. This gray area is a risk that you will have to weigh. Personally, as a sports bettor myself, I lean in the direction that limiting your betting to licensed destinations that are subject to regulatory oversight is safe and reliable as state and federal laws do not address this type of offshore, licensed gambling access. However, I am not a lawyer, and cannot tell you that this is the right decision for everyone. You can review the state laws and statutes by visiting the Oregon state legislature website.

What is the Legal Gambling Age in Oregon?

The state of Oregon requires that players be 21 years of age in order to participate in any type of gambling entertainment. This includes participating at licensed, offshore sportsbooks that have policies accepting players as young as 18. Anyone in OR who attempts to participate in online sports betting before their 21st birthday is in direct violation of state law, and is subject to prosecution. State laws imposing a set gambling age for their residents and visitors supersede any policies at gambling destinations.

Are There Legally Licensed Online Sportsbooks Accepting Oregon Residents?

Yes. There are a handful of sports betting sites that are operating legitimately within the industry, and that accept players from OR. The leading options are listed in this guide, and are each verified to hold legal licensing and certifications, and they are all subject to strict regulatory oversight from respected jurisdictions that have already legalized online sports betting for their territories. You will find our recommendations in the table above.

Professional Sports Teams In Oregon

The Portland Trail Blazers And Their Betting Trends

Oregon NBA Basketball Teams - Oregon is home of the Portland Trail Blazers, one of the better NBA teams in 2015.

Oregon NFL Football Teams - Oregon does not have a professional NFL team for their state. A lot of fans seem to route for the Seattle Seahawks which makes sense since they are the closest to Oregeon. And the fact that they won the Superbowl in 2014 and made it to the big game in 2015 losing by only 4 points makes it pretty easy to route and even bet on them.

The Trail Blazers are technically a solid playoff team in the West, but they're a bottom-rung team in the realm of seeding. This means a 7 or 8 seed, if they do happen to make it back. But this is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it means that they're not likely to win many games during the year or to make it out of the first round of the playoffs. On the other hand, it means that they won't be very heavy favorites in games they're favored, nor will they be tremendous underdogs when they're predicted to lose. This gives the Trail Blazers a great opportunity to cover ATS at a higher rate this season.

Last season, they were a really bad bet. Going 42-44-1 ATS, they were under 50% and it wasn't a good idea at all to bet on them. The best number they had across the board was going 42-19 as the home team and covering. However, we can see a better Trail Blazer team this year ATS. That's because they have earned respect from the oddsmakers, but not too much that spreads are going to be outlandish. Being a mediocre playoff team is perhaps the best way to create a betting powerhouse out of an NBA team. Time will tell, but we can see Portland at around 70% ATS this season upcoming.

Big Name College Teams In Oregon

The Oregon Ducks Betting Trends

The Ducks of Oregon, playing out of the Pac-12, have been on the cusp of winning the National Championship for the past four seasons. However, they always manage to come up short in some regard. Whether it's losing to Stanford or USC, or losing to Ohio State in the National Championship game, after making it through the playoff over Florida State, Oregon just seems to be unlucky. This year, unfortunately, that bad luck might creep in a little sooner, since their star QB Marcus Mariota went off to the NFL to play with the Tennessee Titans.

That being the case, the Ducks still have a great chance to win the Pac-12 and perhaps even make it back to the playoff. It really all depends on whether or not they can beat teams on their schedule such as the USC Trojans and Utah. Most of their schedule is relatively weak. They played their toughest opponent of the year recently, the Michigan State Spartans, and lost the game. However, with a Pac-12 win, which equates to a Championship, they might still make it to the playoff.

Great news for gamblers last year, the Ducks were 10-5 ATS (against the spread) and put up some fantastic numbers as both dogs and favorites. They went 3-1 as favorites and were 8-2 in conference games. All told, this is something that should stay the same this year. Their toughest competition is behind them, and they will probably only be slight favorites against lesser teams, which means spreads that are easier to cover. We definitely predict last season's trends repeating this year.