Oregon Basketball Betting Guide

Oregon, much like Seattle, Washington, suffers from geographical abandonment when it comes to a bright, shining limelight on its professional and collegiate sports teams. Stuck out there in the northwest, with the wind and rain, Oregon basketball teams don't exactly get the same amount of press as teams from Kansas or Kentucky, and their pro teams certainly don't earn the same recognition of teams from New York or LA. However, that doesn't mean that Oregon basketball betting isn't still huge business. In fact, millions of gamblers place their bets on Oregon teams every year, and many are interested specifically in Oregon-related basketball information.

This guide takes a lock at both professional and collegiate basketball teams located in Oregon, which betting options are legally available to Oregon residents, the legalities of sports betting in Oregon, and some basic tips for making informed and smart wagers when betting Oregon basketball lines. It is our objective to ensure that our visitors have access to accurate and up to date information when determining your level of preadaptation in Oregon sports betting, whether you're betting on basketball or enjoying some Oregon football betting.

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More About Betting On Basketball In Oregon

Is it Legal to Bet on Basketball in Oregon?

Despite the fact that Oregon is officially exempted from the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), a law which prohibits state based sports betting in all except for 4 regions, the state rescinded their sports betting options previously offered to residents and visitors to the Beaver state. Why you ask? This was done at least in part to appease the NCAA and NFL who were strongly opposed to the state's participation in sports betting to begin with. Shortly after the state stopped sports betting, they were awarded an NCAAB tournament in Portland. The Federal Wire Act prohibits US based online sports betting throughout the state. This all being said, there are no US based online or offline sports betting opportunities offered in the state of Oregon. However, OR residents sill have the option of legally betting on sports through licensed and regulated offshore sportsbooks that are subject to oversight and based outside of the United States. There are no US or state laws prohibiting Oregon residents from participating in this type of sports gambling platform.

An Introduction to Betting on Basketball in Oregon

Before betting on Oregon basketball, it's important that you take a calm, measured, statistical approach to the action. For example, a fan of the Ducks or the Beavers basketball team may be a dyed-in-the-wool Oregon diehard. But what happens when the Ducks play a nationally ranked team from outside of the Pac-12? In your heart of hearts, you undoubtedly want them to win. But going against the Jayhawks or Terps, what are Oregon's real odds of winning? They're not great, and this is something you must consider before betting.

Look closely at the point spread of the Ducks, Beavers, or even the Boxers of Forest Grove before you bet. If, for instance, Oregon is getting 10 points against a so-so team that isn't a perennial powerhouse, then betting on the Ducks to cover might be a good bet. However, if they're only dogs by 2 points against a great team, reconsider that position. The fact is that, at least for this year, Oregon's collegiate teams are not competitive and probably won't even make the tournament.

Pay attention to what you're betting on. Avoid betting on straight wins-losses and instead look for favorable spreads. Taking the O/U (the over-under) is a great way to bet on Oregon basketball. Let's say Oregon is playing Stanford in Eugene, and the O/U is 160, with an even moneyline (100). You've looked up some stats and see that Oregon allows over 80 points at home per game, but they also average 84 on offense. This type of bet is custom-tailored for you. Taking the over in this situation puts the odds firmly in your favor. Anything over 160 (e.g. 85-82 final) wins you the bet.

These are the small things to keep in mind when betting Oregon basketball. Always look at the stat sheets, and always look for favorable odds. There are multiple lines for every game, whether a point spread, an O/U, or maybe even half-by-half prop bets that favor you. Approach these favorable bets analytically and keep your fandom out of it. Gambling is about winning money, not waving your #1 foam finger.

Oregon's Presence in the NBA – the Portland Trailblazers

Founded in 1970 and part of the fiercely competitive Western Conference of the NBA, the Portland Trail Blazers are Oregon's lone professional basketball franchise. Portland has long been known as an edge team; that is to say, they make it right to the edge of greatness, but they fail to follow through. Even back in the '90s when they had Clyde the Glide Drexler, the 'Blazers still failed to secure a real dynasty, losing to Jordan and the Bulls. However, this year may be different. Portland is currently 36-17, which makes them third best in the West, just behind Memphis and Golden State. If the Playoffs started today, Portland would play the Clippers, a team that is quickly falling to pieces. They would undoubtedly win that series and ultimately end up playing the winners of Memphis and San Antonio.

Betting on the Trail Blazers Basketball Team

This year, Portland is very kind to basketball betters. They're covering spreads in which they're favored at a rate of over 60%. Their two stars, LaMarcus Aldridge and Damiam Lillard, are averaging over 20 points per game while shooting over 43% from the floor. They've managed to stay relatively healthy, even while banging around in the tough West, and they're heavy favorites to at least make the second round of the Playoffs.

When betting on the Portland Trailblazers, the good news is that the odds are in your favor with most of the games. Just be careful when the 'Blazers are playing another powerhouse West team on the road. For instance, don't favor them playing Golden State or at Dallas, or even at Cleveland in the East. There are many games on which to bet; wait until you have odds in your favor. You can learn more about the Trailblazers and their schedule by visiting the Official Portland Trail Blazers website.

Top Oregon College Basketball Teams

Oregon's collegiate teams go beyond the Ducks of the Pac-12. Sure, they're the team everyone focuses on, and in NCAA Men's Football, Oregon just got through playing in the National Championship game, so they're not exactly unknowns up there in the northwest. However, basketball is a different beast. The Ducks of NCAAB, for instance, are currently 18-8, ranked 3rd in their own conference, and aren't even ranked in the top 25. They're 21st in total points per game, 44th in rebounds per game, and 53rd in field goal percentage. The Oregon St. Beavers aren't even that impressive. They're currently 16-9, ranked 5th in conference, and are ranked 144th in the nation in points per game. For anyone wanting to focus on O/U or spreads, the Beavers are actually 14th in the nation at points allowed per game, at 57.5, so that's a silver lining. Overall, however, Oregon's teams aren't covering spreads very well; in fact, they're rarely favored unless going against a weaker Pac-12 opponent.

So, for instance, if you can get the Beavers or Ducks playing the Trojans of USC, or the Cal Bears, that's a great bet to take. But if they're playing the Utes or Arizona, these aren't attractive prospects.

Simple Advice for Betting on Oregon Basketball

Whatever you're betting, and whichever teams you're deciding to bet on, remember a few simple aspects of betting:

Always research statistics

Wait and pick a game and/or line that is in your favor

Never bet from an uninformed position

Take the O/U line if the spread isn't favorable

Bet responsibly, never risking money you can't afford to loose on a single bet

By implementing some caution and betting with stats to back up your decision, you should do just fine.